WYVERN & WEREWOLF vs EVERY UNIT – Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

WYVERN & WEREWOLF vs EVERY UNIT – Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator gameplay:
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Animal Revolt Steam Page:

About Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is the first game of its kind where all movements and interactions between animals are fully physics-based. As the creatures fight each other, you can see the limbs bending, necks twisting, bodies flying around and blood splashing everywhere!

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11 Thoughts to “WYVERN & WEREWOLF vs EVERY UNIT – Animal Revolt Battle Simulator”

  1. Sebastian Necochea

    4:17 The best strategy against rocky

  2. Russelle Jhon Bolando

    Im early yay

  3. Veronica Farrington

    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  4. Ярослав Рябочкин

    Is it a mod?

  5. Bluze gamers



  6. XDNG_ツ

    title: Aircraft
    Units: wyvern and werewolf vs everyunit
    Plan: the wyvern must grab the animal then the warewolf grabs the animal as well then they fly together
    test it first b/c it might not work

  7. XDNG_ツ

    imagine a wyvern grabs a animal then the werewolf grabs the animal and they all fly together

  8. Brian Gonzalez


  9. sanglait gaming

    greetings from Indonesia

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