My Hero Academia Dating Game!

My Hero Academia Dating Game!

this is the third time ive uploaded this video im SCREAMING . i saw some kpop bitch do this and i thought it was stupid so i decided to make my own so never ask us for anything ever agaibn you b fu csbcn idoiots.

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26 Thoughts to “My Hero Academia Dating Game!”

  1. kailey_roo

    I got aizawa 👁👄👁

  2. Dezirae Madison

    2 midoriya and the rest bakugo

  3. Yumi Lasagna

    I got explosive boom boom boy every time

  4. DanganronpaOlivia - MC

    Foot in your ass

    WOW Best Book

  5. Flower_ Shadez

    I got Bakugou, and Todoroki. >:D

  6. Vanisha Davis

    Okay So XD
    Leaves Love Letters: Aizawa <3
    He's Annoyin Me in Class: Aizawa
    Sends Memes: All Might
    Friends Hate Him: All Might (Who could evvvveeeerrr)
    First Kiss: Izuku ( Awe)
    Reads Bedtime Story: Aizawa ( this would be very interesting)
    Forgets My Birthday: Izuku
    Invites Me To Prom: All Might
    Fight for an Assignment: Bakugo ( the only time i get him, i gotta friggen fight him…..figures XD)
    Eats my boooottyyy: Aiiizzzaaawwwaaa

    Haha this was a really fun dating game and i enjoyed it very much! Thanks for creating this and hopefully more to come! 😀 Stay Safe <3

  7. Mina Ashido


  8. un shookethable

    Izuku wrote me letters, he's kinda cute
    Aizawa annoys me in class so my friends hate him but he is also my 1st kiss it's FUNNY HOW HE FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY but he invited me to prom tho.
    Todoroki sends me memes.
    Bakugo reads me bedtime stories and ends up waking every other person sleeping in the neighbourhood, fought him for an assignment and it didn't turn out well.
    At the end i gave my ass to the meme guy TODOROKI.
    this is my imaginary reverse-harem, THANKYOU FOR READING

  9. Kaya Seeley

    Bakugou is my date for life.

  10. Noritherat ¡

    Ok so I got
    1- aizawa
    1- mineta
    1- izuku
    7- bakugo o-O

  11. Violet E

    Deku sends me love letters but is annoying in class. Todoroki sends me memes and he was my first kiss. Aizawa read me a bedtime story and my friends hate him. Bakugo forgot my birthday and we fought over an assignment. All Might took me to prom and ate my ass… cool

  12. Samantha xo

    I got Bakugo or Aizawa tie ;3

  13. *Gay Panic*

    Aizawa gave meh le letter
    Izuku annoyed me in class, forgot my birthday and sent me memes
    I had to fight Bakugo, he ate my a** and now my friends hate him
    I kissed Shoto
    Mineta and I enjoyed the famous book "My foot in your a**"
    All Might took me to prom

    my results…

  14. Siti Fawwaz Farhana

    Am i watching hentai at round 10?

  15. Doudou MOOSE

    Ok so, Aizawa leave me love letter.🤔

    All might annoy me in class by sending me memes.😅

    My friends hate todoroki, probably because I had to fight him1for an assignment and he beat my sorry a**.🤣😂
    Izuku is a sweetheart, read me bed story invite me to prom and was my first kiss.
    Bakugo forget my birthday and have my other first time apparently 🤔
    Welp that result is weird 😂🤣

  16. AwkwardKaminari

    Antonio sent me.

  17. m41d.c0r3 Msp

    I’m here from bara.png

  18. Zodiac Goddess

    8: todoroki
    1: izuku
    1: mineral

    Me x todoroki

  19. SketchArTs0

    Okay I got 5 for Todoroki, and 2 for all might and lastly is 1 for Izuku


  20. Lilia Yumeiko

    whch "Kpop b*tch"? I love kpop!!

  21. Dirt Schneider

    I got todoroki and izuku four times each! Thanks for making this haha

  22. Indah Khairunnisa Salsabilla


  23. Arownie

    I got Bakugou and Todoroki a lot of times

  24. dana alexa

    i fucking hate this fake resyukts fuck u

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