Animation vs Creator | Geometry Dash

Animation vs Creator | Geometry Dash

Animation vs GD is an Auto-Level that is inspired by Animator vs Animation, that is extremely well-made, the animations are fluid and satisfying to look at. I really enjoy how the level begins with the creator making his stickman and traps him, and his creation begins destroying everything, it really is amazing 🙂
ID: 55094160
Level: Animation vs GD by AgentY
Music: Hinkik & A Himitsu – Realms

Tag: animator vs animation game, [vid_tags]

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49 Thoughts to “Animation vs Creator | Geometry Dash”

  1. Dubby Plays

    I can already imagine people who can't understand how hard is to recreate something about creating something, saying this level is garbage when it's literally a r t.

    Think it on this way: the level was so accurate and realistic that people just thought you just recorded the level creator and added a simple stickman

  2. Ardi Ancha

    Innsbruck 😢💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Niccolò Cordini

    Finally😁😁😁😁😁. I was searching for ages to find a tutorial on how to create a stick man. Thanksssssss

  4. Niccolò Cordini

    Finally😁😁😁😁😁. I was searching for ages to find a tutorial on how to create a stick man. Thanksssssss

  5. mooping9383

    You know what he can alt + f4

  6. Henrygamerxx 57

    Nice editing skills man

  7. Adrin Irias

    i actually thought this was a tutorial

  8. David Apex600

    Alan becker now leave

  9. Yellow the GD player

    Alan Becker is going to find your house in 1min (nexus plz comment and put a heart 💓 on this comment)

  10. Alphonse carlylle Olbes

    hes like alan becker when hes on fire

  11. Sui Hmung

    i cant explain this stickman

  12. Jan Spiteri

    0:00 "Attempt 1"? IS THIS A GEOMETRY DASH LEVEL?! Wha… huh? How is this even possible? This little animation within GD? ……………… MIND BLOWN

  13. Fernando Garcia perez


  14. SaoGaming Vlogz

    How to select all

  15. Francisco Perez

    Nexus it's amazing

  16. Ramona Terrero

    Se parec a the chosen one

  17. player 25

    This is so good!reminds me of beckers animating

    Btw i love how at 2:50 the cursor turns into alans profile picture

  18. Larona Lennwe

    WOW this is insane!! omg! Animation vs GD holy moly cow rd

  19. русский парень


  20. Team Snowy

    Do another one but Godzilla the movie type



  22. robicon cubes

    Wow you are so awesome🤩

  23. Jayko Lucana

    Like me funciono eso

  24. Elsa Gamarra

    Alan baker esta llorando en un puto rincon ahorita:v

  25. Max Reiff

    I have an idea, settngs, select all, go to delete, press garbage can, and bam, everything is gone


    alan becker or this dude

  27. Argel Roblox

    how do u create songs?

  28. Тимур Бельды

    3:16 Noobtition for sending prewiew lmao

  29. JyRix R

  30. KurdBoss11

    Pls sub and like to KurdBoss11

  31. Αλέξανδρος Ελευθερίου


  32. Αλέξανδρος Ελευθερίου


  33. ROBOX

    The fire cursor looks like Alan Becker channel

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