1MORE Piston Classic Review – Budget earphones

1MORE Piston Classic Review – Budget earphones

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In this “1MORE Piston Classic In-Ear headphones” video, I unbox and explain the features of this Rs.1299 In-Ear headphones . I explain its features, build quality and audio quality.
It is a premium looking budget In-Ear headphones under $25.


Watch this completely to get the idea if you should buy this ” 1MORE Piston Classic In-Ear headphones” best budget headphone in india

Please do ask if any queries about the best budget inear headphones 1 more piston classic and I will answer them

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26 Thoughts to “1MORE Piston Classic Review – Budget earphones”

  1. Tech Shan

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  2. santosh.s. Yammi

    Nice vdo bro…

  3. Samir khan

    Nice this is a earphone

  4. Markus Arike

    Good job, would have been better if the review mentioned that these are recreations of the legendary Chi-Fi earphones by Xiaomi. When these came out, nothing could touch them for sound quality at the sub-$20 price point.

  5. Ridip tukaria

    Its not dat gud in dat price range.. N returned it to amazon after using for an hour.. Better go for sound magic or audio technica n its far to better dn 1more piston classic..

  6. Ronak Dhoot

    Best earphone at this price point?

  7. Ronak Dhoot

    Best earphone under 1500rs? A bit towards bass lover and balance sound. Is piston fit worth over piston classic? can you suggest me a good one please?

  8. sujahit rudra

    Which one is good one more piston fit or classic ??

  9. Ronald Andrade

    Thanks! Regards from Peru

  10. ashvin gupta

    Nice earphone nice review

  11. Soumyakanta Panda

    Nice Ear phone… In this price..

  12. Shallu Rani

    Nice headphones. Wish to win my first giveaway.

  13. Rohit Sharma

    You Are Owsom Bro, I Salute To Ur Efforts.

  14. rahul Bansal

    Shan Bhai , Nice Video. Yes, we want to see more quick video. I never won any giveaway in my life. My First giveaway will be memorable. Wish to win Piston Classic In-Ear headphone.

  15. Nitin Bansal

    Shan Bhai , You are always Unique in your video. Your efforts are worth more than thousands of like. Loved the video again. shared it too.

  16. karan valvi

    Techshan cool video sir

  17. Amit singh

    Your videos are always amazing

  18. rohit banerjee

    Cool the point video.I like the headphone looks,does it give good audio output on lower range smartphones?

  19. adarshshrivastava95

    Gud work sir

  20. anil soni

    Preety good …….
    fbls review as always

  21. sai charan

    Wanted a review on this product since ages, finally!!!
    Need more review on such hidden gems!!!

  22. Manowar Alam

    I like your editing part plus the useful gadgets you show to us. keep up the great work….. and Yes, do bring such useful videos…

  23. Ilma Khan

    great video !!!!!! and great earphones !!!!!!! wish to win !!!!!

  24. Rakesh Kumar

    Premium quality, long size cable, extra earbuds making the product more awesome.

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