We’re getting a clearer picture of 1MDB, says its investigating committee head

We’re getting a clearer picture of 1MDB, says its investigating committee head

The investigations into the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) case have shown progress and the special investigating committee is getting a clearer picture now, said the committee head, Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman, after meeting investigators from the police on Thursday.

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29 Thoughts to “We’re getting a clearer picture of 1MDB, says its investigating committee head”

  1. mail pathfinder

    the best AG..malaysia ever had..until long awaited we have TT..

  2. Lim Eric

    Amar Singh is up to you to install back the rakyat confidence in PRDM…carry out your duties without fear and favor…you can do it sir..

  3. Sylar

    It is funny how he (dato Amar Singh) trying to get away from press media..

  4. Camille Corvaglia

    Please replace Fuzi with Datuk Amar Singh . He's an honest officer that should be our new IGP .

  5. Palamirtam Marimuthu

    Amar Singh is very famous now!! every body loves him!! WOW! people 's support for the truth gains momentum!😅😃😀😊☺😍😋😌😛

  6. Tiger Columbus

    is there anyone trying to protect najib

  7. Lemanaik -ter

    Why reporters always asking stupid questions?

  8. Cassian Pierre Anthony


  9. JohnEmilio Ng

    Amar good PR always smile and nice ! Hehehe

  10. Looking Forward

    He is speaking English in malay tune ….
    Rais once spoke Malay in English tune …

  11. Ed ll

    DS Amar Singh is to be congratulated for his effective work. He and his team should be he warded higher honours. DS Amar's P R is awesome. He is IGP quality

  12. Lee Kok Yong

    Tunggu APA lagi, take action LA, useless

  13. Steven Ng

    Ammar singh!! We rakyat salute u! U should be promote as IGP soon!

  14. Y Tho

    I'm surprise there's even some who thumbs down. 🤔

  15. Samson No Delilah

    Tak hairanlah kalau dua tiga biji berlian dah kena " claim cukai " dgn polis😁😁😂….for overtime!

  16. Mohd Damiri

    Give hai 5 to dtk Amar Singh for his team working day and night from 16/05 – 25/ 06 just keep counting n counting2 of billion of rm n valuables goods belongs najib n rosmah property, now all of that will be display on high court of justice for evidence.

  17. Haris Awang

    Tangkap Amar Singh kerana pakai serban. Tegakkan kebenaran chaos theory squarebox strategy sangkaan tak dapat menegakkan kebenaran jangan capuradukkan yang benar dengan yang batil.

  18. Noor Azlina Baharuddin

    Uncle singh thumbs up 4u

  19. Thi Runa

    Dato wld b proud.. deal a biggest heist n MO1..😂😂😂 ITS A MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORD… ITS A SWEET MEMORIES TO DT AMAR SINGH.. 👮👳👮👳👮👳👮👮👮😁😁😁😁

  20. jai jai

    Tedious job but well carried out by Dato Amar and team..have work professionally..Hope Tun will of Dato Amar..and company..God bless

  21. Teo Ls

    Professional in the way he conduct himself in his work.

  22. Eugene Liu

    Crooks investigating crooks, good luck. If it was investigation for normal rakyat already sapu all and rotting in jail. Sodomy case. Hahaha. Same shit different day. Already got case. Wasted another 5 years.

  23. boing bryan

    I suka Singh, sbb dia dedah lanun macam King!!

  24. Katak

    TSMY pls Put DS Amar Singh the IGP Post 👮

  25. Anit Jamal

    The truth will be revealed as well but be patient..😉

  26. Alvin Ang

    Amar Singh has become the public's popular high ranking officer….👍

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