Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation – Goddesses' Ceremony

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation – Goddesses' Ceremony

Clip from Episode 1

I do not own the video or any copyright from it. They belong rightfully to Idea Factory, Compile Heart and Funimation. I upload the clips for entertainment purposes only.


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21 thoughts on “Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation – Goddesses' Ceremony

  1. (On a beach, I was sitting, relaxing on my vacation)
    (I guess I should earn myself a vacation after I have done many things to stop criminals)
    (Then I noticed a streak of color lights flew up in the sky)
    (I was curious to see the source from it, I decided to head there and there was a city. But I'll check it out after I check the source. When I got there, it was some ceremony and I saw four girls there. What ever is happening is going to be interesting)

  2. The only thing that sucks is it's not english and I have to read but I still give it s like iv seen this many times on different phones tablets and still left likes

  3. I appear lying down on soft grass somewhere outside Planeptune.
    Me: gets up Where am I?
    Out in the open, I see the skyline. Large puffs of cloud are forming in front of the largest building.
    Me: watches That must be a ceremony. Wait, my phone… I didn't break it, right? checks the phone, still intact Good, it's still working.
    I make my move towards Planeptune, walking the streets to gather information.
    Me: thinking That was an interisting sight to behold. I wonder who is the leader of this nation. one of the screens shows a face with the name written below it Lady Purple Heart? She looks adorable.

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