드림 미니게임 🎮 ROUND 1 : 드림 골든벨 | NCT DREAM mini game

드림 미니게임 🎮 ROUND 1 : 드림 골든벨 | NCT DREAM mini game

#Dream_Golden_Bell #NCTDREAM_mini_game
#We_Boom #엔시티드림_붐
#Ch_NCT #채널NCT

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32 Thoughts to “드림 미니게임 🎮 ROUND 1 : 드림 골든벨 | NCT DREAM mini game”

  1. Jasmine Rose

    6:56 does haechan have a hickey?

  2. 37.5%

    are we gonna ignore the fact that haechan won because he cheated XD

  3. Oinkbauble

    Chenle playing the ''idk koreanl'' card everytime lmaooo

  4. Rahmita Marshelinda

    Ngakak tiap baca subtitlenya😂, 'oh kanda toh iki', 'tapi yang lo tulus bukan itu dilaan' 😭😭😭😭😆

  5. Ade Supriatna

    I love Nct Dream Good😘💖

  6. Reagan Melon

    Jaemin got excited when it was Jeno's turn.. this is not a ship but friendship😊

  7. sunflower seed

    "it's not difficult but ridiculous" 12:57 lmao


    i live for chenle and renjun's sudden switch to chinese conversations 2:02 🥺

  9. Thresia Grace

    rewatching this again 😀 still funny kkkkk

  10. Meutia Izza

    i change the subtitle language from english to indonesian

    sub indonya bikin ngakak trnyata 🙁

  11. Amabel Aurelia Siregar

    Hc to Jeno : It's funny that you are not funny


  12. Amabel Aurelia Siregar

    Other : it so close

    Renjun be like : 😳😳😳😱😳😱 really did I answer eight? Can i have the point?

    Others : But it's not the actual answer

    Then Renjun : 😶😐😑

    And it happened every session of this video lol

  13. You Never Know

    No one's gonna talk about jisung's hand in 15:25 ?? … that give me chills ahaha

  14. armyzen elf

    Jisung trying to count his stickers is the cutest thing ever

  15. ʕ̯•͡ˑ͓•̯᷅ʔ ʕ•༘͡.•ʔ

    9:51 하 … 이해찬 귀여워 귀여워…

  16. 키위삐삐

    3:54 너무 순수했어요 철로가
    7:03 에이ㅣㅣ
    13:19 형형
    14:14 햐!!하하하하!

  17. 세상에이게나라냐

    근데 런쥔이 왜 런쥔부인이라 쓴거에요?

  18. Mndblwn

    This is CLEARLY DEFINITELY the warmup version of knowing brother. SM PLS SEND THEM IN ALREADY

  19. 죽었다깨어나도시즈니

    이걸 왜 이제봤지 개꿀잼이네 멤버들 문제낼때 반응들 너무 웃ㄱ곀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  20. 소희


  21. xo xo

    16:15 Haechan “photoshop” 🤣🤣🤣

  22. xo xo

    15:16 BoA reference hahaha! “One Shot Two Shot”

  23. xo xo

    2/3 questions Jeno asked were math related i swear if Jeno wasn’t a child actor turned idol he would 100% be a finance bro. hedge funder Jeno Lee hahahaha

  24. xo xo

    10:27 “Ahh Park Jisung” Andy Park Jisung remembers everything sweetieee lmmaaooo

  25. xo xo

    5:14 lol Jisung trying to get a free point and Jaemin reaction 🤣🤣😂😂

  26. ieryyz

    the fact that they literally FROZE when jaemin said the answer to his suppose-to-be last question still sendsss 💀💀

  27. a_fzr r

    This so funny
    Jisung so handsome

  28. nieyh

    16:40 누르면 귀여운 햄찌 나옴

  29. Shira Shah


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